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Wondering what the best roofing insulation system might be for your flat or low pitched roof? A residential warm roof is just that, an exceptional roofing insulation system for your home.

A warm roof system is made up of layers of high-quality roof insulating materials, fitted over top of your regular flat roof to provide the gold standard in insulation keeping your home warmer, drier and quieter. There are a range of residential warm roof systems available, including Viking and RoofLogic and Topline Roofing are your Auckland warm roof installers who can help select the right solution for you.

We can also install warm roofs for commercial clients >

What is a Warm Roof System?

Essentially, a “warm roof” system means the roofing insulation is on the outside of the roof structure, instead of underneath, and a weatherproof membrane is applied above to ensure the roof area remains dry. A warm roof can be installed on a new roof or retrofitted over an existing roof.

Superior Insulation for Flat Roofs

As the name suggests, warm roofs offer superior insulation to traditional flat roof systems which means a warmer, drier, and quieter home for you and your family. A better insulated home is also a more energy efficient home, meaning you save on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Benefits of a Warm Roof

  • waterproofing membrane keeps your home dry
  • superior insulation layers maintain warmer / cooler home
  • improved energy efficiency in your home
  • ventilation to combat cold, damp and mould
  • sound proofing layers can help reduce noise
  • can be retrofitted, easy installation over top of existing roof

Retrofitting Exterior Insulation for Flat Roofs

Retrofitting insulation for a flat roof has previously been problematic since getting underneath a flat roof space is often virtually impossible, which is why a Warm Roof System for Flat Roofs is the ideal solution for insulating.

Ventilation and Condensation in Your Home

Whilst long-run metal roofs are the most widely used residential roofing system in New Zealand, many homes also have flat roof systems, which can cause issues with cold, damp, and mould.

Warm roof systems are the best way to combat poor ventilation and condensation in your home.

Traditionally, flat roofs have a weatherproof covering on the top of the structure with insulation applied in between the rafters. However, vents are needed between the insulation and the timber framing to allow the circulation of air, otherwise condensation occurs on the timber rafters.

Issues Caused by Damp & Mould

Condensation causes dampness, mould, and the eventual deterioration of timber and other materials, which can cause serious long-term damage and is also a health risk. Warm roof systems negate the need for these air flow gaps, as the insulation is outside of the timber structure, therefore eliminating any chance of condensation entering your roof space.

A Roof System that Reduces Noise

Warm roofs also minimise outside noise and because they can be retrofitted you don’t need to remove the existing roof.

Auckland’s Warm Roof Installers

Topline Roofing have been installing warm roof systems for clients in and around Auckland, always impressed by the fantastic results. So, if you are looking for Auckland roof logic warm roofs installers of or Viking warm roof installers in Auckland, we’re your team!

Call us on 0800 555 818 or enquire online.

Auckland’s Roofing Professionals

Topline Roofing has been in the Auckland roofing industry for over 35 years, so you know you can trust the team’s expert advice.

Our team are highly skilled and licensed roofing experts and we stand by all of our work. As such, we only use the highest quality products from trusted suppliers. Our preferred suppliers for warm roofing are Roof Logic and Viking.

We will talk you through our supplier products and offer advice on the most suitable warm roof system for your home. Get in touch online or phone 0800 555 818 to contact Topline Roofing, the experts in roofing! 

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