Re-Roofing - Asbestos

Replacing an Asbestos Roof

If you’re in Auckland and have a residential roof with asbestos, you may want to consider whether a complete roof replacement is right for you. It’s essential that any asbestos removal is carried out by a professional asbestos company. Although we don’t offer an asbestos removal service, once it’s removed, Topline can help with the rest!

Re-Roofing When Asbestos is Present

Our Auckland roofing team can help with the planning, installation and project management when replacing an asbestos roof.  The re-roofing project planning will start even before the asbestos is removed, with Topline’s expert Roofing team advising you on what the right roofing product and best solution might be, according to your budget and requirements, when re-roofing your house or garage.

We also offer a Service For Commercial Re-Roofing When Asbestos Is Present > 

Why Is Asbestos So Common In Auckland’s Houses and Roofs?

Asbestos was widely used in New Zealand and in homes built prior to the mid-1980’s, but asbestos regulations banning the import and export of asbestos products were only brought in during 2016. Asbestos was once popular due to its fibrous nature and heat-resistance, but we now know that it is a very dangerous and highly toxic substance.

Auckland Asbestos Removal Service Covers:

  • asbestos in the roofing
  • asbestos in flashings
  • asbestos in cladding
  • asbestos in guttering

Why Is Asbestos So Dangerous to Remove?

Asbestos is a health hazard and there is no safe level of exposure. Asbestos can be damaged during renovations such as drilling, cutting, and foot traffic over the roof, causing the fine dust particles to become airborne. General wear and tear will also cause your roof or cladding to deteriorate and asbestos will eventually be exposed, which is why it is so important to remove and replace asbestos correctly.

Auckland Asbestos Removal Company

Using an asbestos removal professional is crucial. Asbestos removal is a risky operation and the safety of your household, and the removal team, is of the utmost importance. The removal and disposal of any roofing or cladding which contains asbestos must be carefully controlled. A specialist asbestos remover will assess the situation and formulate a customised plan to remove the material safely. Homes are usually scaffolded and shrink-wrapped for protection and only the asbestos removal specialists would be allowed on your property during this time.

What to Expect After Asbestos is Removed

After removal, the site is checked by an independent inspector to confirm that all asbestos has been removed and the property is safe. Upon clearance, the Topline Roofing team can supply and install a new roof. Topline specialises in long run metal roofs which are the most popular roofing product used as they are durable, lightweight, and resilient.

Replacement of An Asbestos Roof, Auckland

Our team of roofing professionals are able to provide you with the best solution for your home and budget. We will talk you through considerations such as insulation, noise control, and whether a warm roof system might be right for you and provide a full installation service, including fitting spouting, guttering and downpipes, and organising any Health and Safety requirements such as scaffolding and edge protection.

Auckland’s Re-roofing Experts

The Topline team are highly skilled and experienced, so you can rest assured that our workmanship is guaranteed and all materials come with warranties. If you would like to know more about asbestos removal and re-roofing your home, get in touch with our team of roofing experts.

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