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Auckland roofing company, Topline have been installing residential steel or iron roofs for over 35 years. Long-run metal roofs are the most popular roofing product used on Kiwi roofs due to its durable, lightweight, conductive, and resilient nature. Whether it is corrugated steel for a classic bungalow re-roof, traditional villa re-roof, or a new roof for modern house or new build, our team can offer expert advice and installation of the metal roof that is right for you.

We also install commercial metal roofs >

New and Re-Roofing Metal Roof Installers, Auckland

Our licensed roofing team has a huge amount of experience in installing new roofs, or re-roofing across a wide variety of residential housing types and can advise you on the best kind of roofing solution for your individual circumstances and budget. We are approved installers for industry leaders, and we are qualified to recommend material and coating specifications for your roof - working directly with you, your architect, or builder. Our advice extends to letting you know if you need a Code Compliance Certificate for undertaking the work. Topline Roofing are members of RANZ, the Roofing Association of New Zealand so you can be assured we stand by our work in line with it's warranties.

We also provide a full roofing installation service which includes fitting spouting, guttering and downpipes, and organising Health & Safety requirements such as scaffolding and edge protection. All materials come with warranties and our workmanship is guaranteed.

"I am pleased to recommend Topline Roofing Auckland to others after a job well done. Communication was great and the commencement date was adhered to. Roofing was completed, scaffolding removed promptly and the property left clean and tidy with the old roof removed from site.Thank you to all the team at Topline Roofing Auckland"  Sheryl 

Metal Roofing Products

ColorSteel roofs, ColorCote roofing, RoofLogic, Steel & Tube, Dimond, TrueOak Corrugated roofs…

With the fantastic range of products available for New Zealand roofs, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about which roofing solution might be the best for you. Over the years, Topline has built up solid relationships with NZ’s top roofing suppliers, giving us confidence we are working with top quality materials that will last the test of time.

How We Choose the Right Roofing Product for You:

Roof Replacement Cost, Auckland

"I live in Auckland, how much will it cost to replace my roof?" It's an important question. There are a range of roofing products available to suit even a modest budget. At Topline we believe in doing a job once, and doing it right, so our team will only recommend and install quality roofing products, we are confident will endure for a long time to come.

Roof aesthetic – Match the style of your house

What metal roofing profile will suit your house style? Is it a classical villa roof, a traditional bungalow roof with historical character, or is it a more modern house where you want to push the boundaries and extend to cladding your walls too?

Roof suitability – Design limitations

Does your house have a low pitch where the angle is tricky to work with? In this case, we can recommend roofing profiles specifically designed for such use. Do you want more light in certain areas? Are clear panels, a skylight or a solar lighting tube, or ventilation for your attic space right for you?

Roofline complexity

Does your house have straightforward roofline or does it have a unique quality, such as complex angles or multiple rooflines meeting, where we will be required to think outside the box? Our experienced team are excellent at problem solving and coming up with solutions when a roofing job requires a bit of creative thinking.

Roof exposure - Environmental and external factors

Will the house be exposed to sea spray or extreme weather? Is it on a busy road and if so, would we need to consider noise reduction? Do you need to maximise the insultation required to keep heat in or out, depending on the season? There are specific products that will perform better than others, or perhaps the addition of a warm roof is a good option for you.


Auckland’s Villas and Bungalows Re-roofing Specialists

Roofing for bungalows and villas poses its own set of unique challenges, with their hipped and gabled roofs. The Topline Roofing team are regularly involved in re-roofing heritage buildings across the greater Auckland area. Such as the Ponsonby villa re-roof job, you can read about here >

> TrueOak Corrugate

This advanced metal corrugated roofing product is deeper and stronger than standard corrugate, while keeping a traditional look, making it suitable for classic heritage buildings. The benefits include a greater span, reduction in risk of damage to the roof when it is being walked on, and enhanced water carrying capacity. It is suitable for application on low pitch angles of up to 4 degrees slope, as is typically the case on the roofline of the porches, bay windows, sunrooms, verandas, and garages in classic bungalows and villas. Being able to use simply one roofing product across an entire bungalow roof or villa roof is a huge benefit both aesthetically and in terms of performance. Standard corrugated galvanised iron roofs require a different product on low pitched areas of the roof to what is used on the main roof.

You can find out more about the TrueOak product here or contact our team if you would like to go ahead with a quote.

> Warm Roof Installation

Warm roof systems can be added to your existing metal (or membrane) roof to provide additional insulation in your roof space, resulting in a more energy efficient house. There are various systems available and our team are happy to discuss which option might be right for you. Installing a warm roof is a great choice to help keep your house warmer in winter, and cooler in summer, not to mention the sound proofing alternatives available if you want to reduce noise externally. Find out more about warm roof systems >

> Clear Panel Roofing

UV safe clear corrugate, opaque, or transparent roofing products can be useful if you want to let more light in an area such as a balcony or overhangs.

> Skylight installation

Skylights not only improve the visual appeal by being able to look up and see the sky, they have the advantage of allowing natural light to flood into your room. Some automated options also allow for additional ventilation and automated blind systems.

The Process of Getting a New Metal Roof

Once we have received your enquiry, one of our roofing project managers will contact you to discuss your needs. We will either visit your site or use Google Earth as a tool to check the location, proximity to trees, note any access issues, establish approximate roofing dimensions, consider what edge protection is required, and confirm the roof is compatible with the product we are recommending. We will send you a prepared quote, and if you accept, we will engage with our team who will be installing the roof for you. Our roofing project manager will ensure we have a timeline that suits and will be there on the first day to introduce our lead roofer and the rest of the team to you. They will ensure everything is going as planned. Warranties will be discussed and handed over on job completion any we can go over any maintenance plans should you require them. You can read more about the process of getting a new roof here >

Auckland’s Roofing Professionals

By choosing Topline Roofing to install your roof, you can be assured you have a highly skilled, licensed, and experienced team working on your roof. We follow strict processes and work with quality products to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome for you and your roof. We stand behind our work and offer a roofing guarantee, in line with manufacturers warranties.

If you have a new roofing project coming up, get in touch. Our team is happy to help! Enquire online or phone 0800 555 818.


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