Maintaining your metal roof

Whether you're having repairs done to your roof or installing a new one, it pays to know how to look after your roof to ensure it stays weathertight for years to come.

Here's our handy checklist which could help you save money in the long term:

  • Check your roof annually for signs of damage and leaking - remember, if you are climbing a ladder, it must be secured at the top and bottom to avoid an accident. If you're unsure or feel unsafe, call Topline Roofing and we'll send round one of our qualified team with harnesses and safety approved ladders to conduct an inspection. This is recommended as ACC statistics note ladders as a main cause of injuries. We also offer a waterblasting service to keep your roof free from leaves and debris, helping to preserve the longevity of your roof and to prevent likelihood of flooding inside your home
  • If you discover a problem, talk to an expert about the remedial work. You may need to replace sheets, fixings or flashings with a different product, dependent on where you live e.g. high wind area, close to salt water etc.
  • If you are re-roofing it's worth noting that darker colours fade quicker and attract more heat, so it might be prudent to use a lighter colour
  • Keep gutters clear, we recommend checking gutters before and after the winter period
  • Keep nearby trees trimmed and away from gutters. The sap of some trees can discolour your roof

If well-maintained, a new roof should have a lifespan of between 20-30 years. If you would like more information on looking after your roof, booking a roof inspection or details of our programmed maintenance service, get in touch here.   

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