Introducing a penetration-free weld

OMG Roofing Products (formerly Olympic Fasteners and Olympic Manufacturing Group) is North America’s leading supplier of commercial roof products. Through technological innovation, the company has developed RhinoBond - an alternative insulation and membrane attachment system for TPO and PVC membranes. The ingenious system uses the same fastener and plate to secure both the insulation and the membrane to the deck without penetrating the roofing material.  

Electromagnetic technology

Forget traditional mechanically attached seam fasteners as these are not required with the RhinoBond system and its patented electromagnetic induction welding technology.

Ideal as an alternative for installing thermoplastic roof covers in metal retrofit applications, RhinoBond fasteners are installed into the purlins for maximum uplift resistance, but do not have to be placed in the seams of the membrane. This means membrane width and orientation are no longer factors in metal retro applications.

Step by step guide

  1.  Fasten TPO-coated metal plates to the existing substrate in a continuous grid pattern
  2. Lay a membrane (i.e. Enviroclad) over the plates
  3.  Place the RhinoBond system welding tool above each membrane of the RhinoBond plates. The welding tool emits an electro-magnetic charge through the membrane, activating the TPO coating on the surface of the plate below, resulting in a weld between the plate surface and the underside of the membrane
  4.  Apply weighted magnets over the plates to dissipate heat and ensure intimate contact between the bottom surface of the membrane and the integral hot-melt TPO coating on the plate’s surface

Features and benefits 

  • It’s quick and easy to install
  • There are no membrane fastener penetrations
  • It improves productivity
  • RhinoBond typically uses 25% to 50% fewer fasteners when compared to traditional fastening methods
  • There’s an even load distribution
  • It enhances wind uplift resistance
  • RhinoBond has achieved an FM 1-210 wind resistance rating, and can resist over 500 lbs of force in static testing
  • It reduces membrane “flutter”
  • It eliminates the need for half sheets

For more information about RhinoBond, contact us here.



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