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Date: 20 September 2017

RoofLogic provides superior commercial roofing solutions to specifiers, installers and building owners, setting a new standard for commercial roofing assemblies in New Zealand. The company believes that customers should have access to the very best roofing technology, products and systems. 

When Topline Roofing recently won the contract to install the roofing on the B:HIVE at Smales Farm, they specified RoofLogic’s UltraTherm MSR system, which is simple to install even on the most challenging projects. Benefits include: 

  • The Base Deck can be installed very quickly and once installed provides a dry working environment below, and a safe working platform above. To further improve efficiency, the Base Deck can also be installed at whatever length suits the site conditions and purlin set-out.
  • Once the Base Deck is installed, all roofing work is carried out above deck level ensuring a safer, more efficient and less congested site.
  • UltraTherm MSR components are manufactured in New Zealand, allowing for minimal lead times and the ability to site measure prior to ordering.

Thermal performance 

The use of a high-density rigid PIR Board ensures superior thermal performance for the lifetime of the roof assembly, providing the highest level of insulation per mm of thickness.

Roof insulation in New Zealand has traditionally consisted of fibreglass blankets installed between purlins and then compressed. These methods result in thermal bridging which frantically reduces the performance of the insulation. RoofLogic PIR eliminates thermal bridging by providing a continuous layer of insulation over the entire roof structure.

Thermal performance of insulation is measured as R-value which is defined as resistance to heat flow. The R-value of PIR is based on an assessment of LTTR, or Long Term Thermal Resistance. An LTTR R-value is derived from a 15-year weighted average of thermal performance, a guarantee that RoofLogic PIR insulation will continue to perform to specification for the life of the roof system.

Improved weathertightness

UltraTherm MSR provides superior weathertightness compared to other insulated panel systems. The MSR Top Deck is installed as a single length top skin from ridge to gutter, eliminating panel joints that are an inherent weakness with alternative insulated roof panel systems.

Because the UltraTherm MSR system incorporates a separable top skin, all flashing and penetration details can be installed in accordance with the NZ Metal Roofing Code of Practice. This ensures a more robust and weathertight roof.

Unlike composite panel roofs, UltraTherm MSR roofs can be installed in compliance with the Building Code and Metal Roofing Code of Practice to guarantee a more robust weathertight roof. 

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