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Date: 11 October 2023

Health & Safety Pre-Qualification.

Topline is incredibly proud to have achieved the 100% SiteWise Gold Status for the 2023-2024 period for the 7th year in a row (from 2016/2017). 

This annual health & safety assessment by SiteWise is exceptionally important to all reputable commercial roofing and commercial plumbing contractors across Auckland and New Zealand.  

Why It Is Special to Achieve NZ’s SiteWise 100% for 7 Years Running?

Less than 4% of businesses in New Zealand have attained the Gold Status, and fewer still, only 0.3%, have managed to maintain a 100% SiteWise status for 3-7 consecutive years.

To put this in perspective, less than 3 in every 1,000 businesses which attained Sitewise accreditation in 2023/2024 can say they have consistently achieved this ongoing, high level of commitment to health and safety.

What Does Achieving SiteWise Gold mean?

Topline, Auckland’s commercial roofers, and commercial plumbers, gasfitters, and drainage contractors, have demonstrated that high quality health and safety systems are in place within the team and business. It reflects an ongoing commitment to Health & Safety.

To achieve Gold Status, businesses must score 90% and over. Topline’s SiteWise Assessment Score was 100%

Why is SiteWise So Important?

If you are in the commercial industry, SiteWise is often required in the prequalification assessment process when choosing a commercial roofing or plumbing contractor. It shows we follow the rules - we have processes in place to keep everyone as safe as possible by managing and minimising any health and safety risks.

What Are the Criteria and How Did We Do?

Evidence supporting comprehensive capability in all areas as assessed below:

  • Insurance - Valid documentation
  • Health & Safety –Procedures & policies
  • H&S Meetings – Briefings held regularly
  • Incidents and Accidents – Investigated, recorded & discussed
  • Sub-contractor Management – Checklist, review & follow up process
  • Training & Competency – Health and Safety, trade skills & leadership training
  • Hazards & Risks – Site specific register & reviews
  • Inspections – Records with reviews & updates
  • High to Critical Risk Activities – Task analysis, risk assessment, discussion & signoff
  • Health Monitoring of Workers – Pre-employment & regular checks
  • Hazardous Materials – Management plan, register & SDS sheets
  • History of Work Place Investigations - Nil

Sitewise gold 100% certificate Topline

The SiteWise 100% status means a lot to Topline. Not only does it add to our proven record, it also gives us credibility and validates what we are constantly striving for – maintaining the highest possible standards across our business.

If dealing with a company who prioritises best practice is important to you, get in touch with Auckland’s SiteWise Accredited Contractors, Topline Roofing, Plumbing, Gasfitting, and Drainage. Our team of specialist trade experts are happy to help!

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