Back Topline Wins the NZ Roofing Training Company of the Year

Date: 08 June 2022

Topline were thrilled once again to have won the Roofing Training Company of the Year for 2021. It’s great to be recognised by RANZ, the Roofing Association of New Zealand for the work we put into our roofers to ensure they become some the best Auckland roofers in the industry.

RANZ Award

Who is RANZ?

RANZ is the national roofing industry trade organisation who are responsible for the regulation, compliance, and training standards within the New Zealand roofing sector.

How Did we Become NZ’s Best Roofer Training Company?

In the latest RANZ RoofLink magazine, we were asked to give an insight into what leads us to be so successful in developing local Auckland roofing talent.

The secret to training New Zealand’s best roofers comes down to these few things:

  1. We pick the right people
    Motivation is key, along with the right aptitude and attitude

  2. Providing a supportive environment
    We enjoy mentoring and are committed to helping develop talent

  3. Open communication
    Robust dialogue and feedback channels are established

  4. Positive culture
    Team values focus on respect and integrity

  5. Knowledge sharing
    Our experienced team are positive role models and highly skilled leaders

  6. Rewarding work ethic
    Personalised career pathways for professional development and upskilling

  7. Safety & quality workmanship focus
    Emphasis on safety at all times, with a focus on the satisfaction of quality results

  8. Win win mentality
    You succeed, we succeed – building better futures

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Visit the roofing careers page if you or someone you know is interested in a pathway to a roofing career, or contact us if we can help with your next roofing project. We’d love to help!

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