The Team

Mike Van Der Merwe

Roofing Estimator

Mike is an Estimator for Topline Roofing and has 16 years’ experience in the industry. He works closely with the Project Management team, calculating both commercial tenders and residential quotes.

Mike started out as a student QS at a home building contractor after receiving his Baccalaureus Technologiae Quantity Surveying and through the course of his career, has had experience in various types of Quantity Surveying, including the mining sector and high-rise buildings. After exploring various specialisations, he realised his passion lay in the sheet metal roofing industry, finding it the most rewarding.

Prior to making the big decision to move to New Zealand, Mike had been a long run roofing QS since 2008, including roles as Director of Quantity Surveying for two roofing firms in South Africa. He aims to rise to the top of his field and has a keen focus on building relationships with key contractors and consultants.

Being a QS, Mike is naturally attentive to detail and focusses on working out a complete system, so he can tender accordingly. Winning tenders are a big part of the job satisfaction for him, so he ensures he calculates costs accurately whilst determining project efficiency.

When he’s not poring over plans and technical drawings, Mike is a family man who enjoys fishing, hiking, golf, adventure activities, and spending time with friends.

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