Roof Cleaning

For Auckland roof cleaning services, Topline has you covered. Our professional roof washing service, based in Mt Eden, utilises pressure washing for an immediate result, along with a roof treatment to remove moss, mould and lichen helping to keep your roof in the best condition possible. 

Residential roof cleaning service:

  • Washing Roofs for Residential Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Cleaning Service, Auckland
  • Professional Moss Removal for Roofs
  • Professional Mould Removal for Roofs
  • Professional Lichen Removal for Roofs

We also offer commercial roof cleaning services >

Residential Roof Pressure Washing

Over time, all roofs accumulate moss, mould, lichen, pollution deposits, and other debris. Pressure washing your roof is an efficient and cost-effective method of keeping your roof, and home, in pristine condition – both aesthetically and functionally.

Professional Roof Cleaning Treatments

Pressure washing provides an instant and noticeable clean. However, roof treatments will take about 3 months to show marked results and usually require a good amount of rain to wash away the decayed material. At Topline, we believe the most efficient approach is to do both – we will do a thorough pressure clean to remove build up and debris and follow it with a roof treatment for an effective, long-term solution.  

Moss Removal, Mould Removal and Lichen Removal

Is Moss, Mould, and Lichen On A Roof Really That Bad?

YES! Aesthetics aside, moss, mould, and lichen can do some serious damage to your roof covering and structure. Lichen grows and spreads its roots along your roof and in doing so, degrades the roof leaving it susceptible to corrosion. Moss and mould absorb moisture and the spores released by moulds can filter through roof sheets, causing the battens to rot. Of course, this can lead to serious structural issues if left untreated.

Auckland’s Roof Cleaning Professionals

Pressure cleaning your roof forms part of your warranty programme and will significantly extend the life of your roof by delaying corrosion and degradation. Maintenance issues such as rust and holes are more easily detectable on a clean roof and can be addressed before they turn into more costly problems.

Residential Roofing Experts

With more than 33 years in the industry, you can trust the expert team at Topline to give you the right advice on what’s best for your home.

The team are take Health and Safety seriously and are trained to work at heights, including on multi-storey buildings, so get in touch with the team now to discuss your specific requirements.

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