Pressure Washing

A professional roof cleaning by Auckland’s trusted roofing company, Topline, includes specialist pressure washing, along with moss, mould and lichen treatments, to ensure your commercial roof is kept in top condition.

Operating out of Mt Eden, our roof cleaning service is an essential part of maintaining your commercial roof. We provide businesses a one-off roof pressure washing service, or as part of a regular roofing service maintenance programme, as required by some roofing manufacturers warranties.

Commercial Pressure Washing & Roof Treatment Services:

  • Industrial roof cleaning
  • Factory roof cleaning
  • Office roof cleaning
  • School roof cleaning
  • Rest home roof cleaning

We also offer residential roof cleaning services >

Commercial Roof Cleaning

No matter where your business is located, your roof will eventually accumulate moss, mould, lichen, pollution deposits, and other debris. Air pollution is a common contaminant in industrial areas and can speed up the deterioration of your commercial roof.

Why Roof Cleaning Is So Important

Pressure washing your roof can combat the degradation of roof coverings by effectively removing the contaminants, consequently saving on the cost of roof repairs and replacements. Pressure washing will clean your roof instantaneously.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Treatments

Whilst roof treatments will take about 3 months to show noticeable results, and usually require a good amount of rain to wash away the decayed material, it is beneficial long term.

Moss Removal, Mould Removal and Lichen Removal

For the most successful maintenance strategy, and to ensure your roof is in best possible condition, we would highly recommend a dual action approach by doing a thorough pressure wash of the roof and then applying an additional roof treatment for an effective, long-lasting solution.

What Are The Effects Of Moss, Mould, and Lichen?

  • Lichen roots spread all over the roof covering, chipping paint and leaving exposed areas, making it susceptible to corrosion
  • Moss and mould absorb moisture, causing areas of damp
  • Mould spores can filter through roof sheets and cause the battens underneath to rot, causing structural damage

Why Use Topline for Your Professional Roof Cleaning?

Pressure cleaning your roof and gutters form part of your roof’s warranty and will prolong the life of your roof. Your roof is a commercial asset, so let the roofing experts take care of it.

At Topline, we take Health and Safety seriously. Our team are trained to work at heights, are able to work on multi-storey buildings, and we are proud to have achieved a SiteWise Gold Status with100% score for 5 years running.

Roofing Professionals Auckland

The Topline Roofing Team are experienced professionals who will also be able to detect areas that may require attention in the future, so you can sort any potential issues before they become a larger, more costly problem.

Topline also offers customised roofing programmed asset maintenance, including gutter cleaning, roof inspections, and maintenance programmes to support manufacturer warranty requirements.

Contact our team now to see how we can help keep your roof in great condition for years to come.

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